PINK SATURDAY.... Gypsea Christmas Wish

Hello all and welcome again to another PINK SATURDAY hosted by our
Ms.Beverly!   This PS I decided to share with you what I really, really would like to have Santa bring my way.....I know..wishful thinking... But a girl is allowed to dream right?  Especially if it's in PINK!

This would be one wish..

Wish Number 2....

But if you really want to get into the "Fishing"
spirit.. we could always use one of these!

So..if you happen to run into Santa or an elf... could you pass this along please...?
Have a wonderful PINK day!
xo Cricket


  1. Now I ask you, who doesn't want a pretty pink boat! I will be sure to ask Santa for you as soon as I ask for that pretty pink Victorian house for me, ha! I just realized that I was not following you so I fixed that!

    Happy PS,

  2. It is amazing what we can find in pink, like the big fishing boat. I can just see this boat bobbing up and down like a cork in the middle of the ocean off the NE shores; oh the fresh fish -- What's the catch of the day? Blessings Terri

  3. My hubby would love a boat but a pink one, don't think so. I'll let Santa know that you want one however. It's amazing what one can find on the 'Net. One day not too long ago I found a toile car. TOILE! I adore toile but it was a bit too much for me. Happy Pink Saturday!


  4. That is so cool. Never saw a pink fishing boat. Wonder if it would scare the fish away? Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Loved this pink post and now I'm sure a few more pink boats will pop up in front of me next time I go to the Sarasota's bay harbor...will let Santa know if I do :)

  6. A pink fishing boat...well, I declare! I wouldn't mind having that one in my backyard.


  7. A PINK Tug...Wow! I love it!!!
    Have a great week!

  8. The pink against the blue is just so awesome..., so easy breezy island-y! Oh, and regarding the handmade shell ornaments..., those of course are all made by Martha! The jury's still out whether mine are going to be (as) beautiful!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal


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