Apothecary Love.....a DIY

It's true... I am in pure mad deep love...don't be jealous, he isn't that tall..or dark and handsome....He is a tad old....well preferably REALLY old!  He doesn't have a lot of money, but sure can be.....He's quiet and serene...yet bold and demanding.  Demanding of my attention that is.  To pamper and protect...Shield him from small children with balls and kitty's playing mouse....
See, I told you not be jealous... I mean who wants to have a bunch of these all over?

I knew you wouldn't want them!  So I saved them all for me
But since my man (men) doesn't have much money, it was time for me to improvise....
Ummmm....nurses are pretty good at coming up with unique ways to bandage up, stop leaks, insert uh um..needles  items (?) well... we can get a little crafty too when it comes to dressing something up
and we aren't talking 4x4's and cling either!

So in gypsea mode I found some vintage labels to download

And since I wasn't quite sure how this was going to turn out...I wasn't about to ruffle any feathers on oneof my old men, so I found some pseudo wanna be's at IKEA. And came up with this...

So...how do you like my men now? Are you in pure love?  It's ok, I'll let you be jealous for a minute...

When you're done, please pop over and say Hello to Sarah
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  1. Beautiful bottles. Oh how I love the color. Cute labels too. They look good together :)

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

    melissa ....

  3. Great post! Seems you have a lot of men in your life! LOL!

    I love the bottles you chose and the labels are wonderful.



  4. Oh I like your taste!! He is gorgeous! :)

  5. Hi there!

    First, your music made me smile...immediately! Tears on My Pillow...awwww!

    Thanks for your sweet comment this morning. It helped me find you again. Somehow I lost you. I'm adding you to my fav list right now so it won't happen again :-)


  6. What a great decorating idea. I love how the light shines through the colored glass.

  7. I love your ideas, Cricket....where did you find the labels?....I have bottles waiting:)!

  8. I absolutely love what you've done with your guys! Beautiful!


  9. Great. Awesome. Very creative. I need to copy this!!!

  10. Just love the labels and how they look on the bottles. So happy I stopped by...your blog is great!

  11. You might want to be careful about stealing other folks images and ideas. I wonder how many other images are stolen and repackaged as your own. Shame.

    Your writing is quiet creative, you might want to search for royalty free images and do some research about how to secure images to use on your blog. The internet is not such a big place and if you continue to take images not yours you will continue to get more of these.


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