Hearts, Snow, Sun and Pink on My Mind

Girls..I won't even try to lie....
I am whooped! 
OWOH has had me spinning in circles..
Then I blew some of the sutures of the middle layer in my back out...
My youngest pirate is a vomiting one!
And this snow???
This cold?
I have had enough!
It seems I have a constant bbbbrrrr going through my bones..
Ya know that feeling?

So, I took it upon my sweet little self...
While sitting at the local Starbucks 
(yes.. I needed a moment of peace!)
But to boot..
Look at what I ordered during a freakin sleet storm!

Yeh.. a little nutty..
But it's all good..
And as I doodled with fingers...
I said...
You can do way better than this!
So on my handy dandy iPhone...
I decided that I needed to be at a Starbucks where I can have this...

You got it...
This gypsea is back off to Florida this week!
No worries though... I will send some sunshine and love
back to the Northeast for you!
Now, grab your cup of jo, tea, ice cream
or whiskey...
And head over to Beverly's
For some more PINK!



  1. Looking forward to that ray of warm sunshine!!!

  2. You know you need it ....so go have some Florida sunshine. Loved your take on the pink so now I have to go to Starbucks...lol....Have a great time.

  3. Oh good for you! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time! Love your doodle my friend! Please bring back warm and sunshine but most importantly take care of you!!

  4. I love your heart doodle, very nice:-) Enjoy your time in Florida!

    This is my first Saturday and I can say I will be back. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Warm Regards, CindyLew

  5. Mmm, yum! that looks really good. I haven't been to Starbucks in a while. I think I'll have to pay the shop a visit and get myself some of that pink stuff. Happy Pink Saturday.


  6. oh yes~~yummy and Pink!!

    Happy PS:))
    looove Starbucks!

    Kay Ellen

  7. Happy Pink Saturday and I love you pink doodle in the cup, lol, you crack me up! Have a great weekend and thanks for following! Hugs Marilou

  8. Hope your little one is feeling better! Have a lovely trip to the warm ocean! (ps if you have a momentto stop by, i'm having my first giveaway and would love you to have a chance to win...)

  9. glad you're comin' on down, girl! The weather's been divine. a little muggy at the moment but really nice!

  10. Enjoy that Florida sunshine, sweetie pie! Happy Pink Saturday. :O)

  11. That is too cute! Have fun in FL! I thought I was following you previously. Not sure what happened. Anyway, I am now.
    Happy PS!

  12. Happy Pink Saturday!

    These are great drinks!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  13. Happy Pink Saturday!!! That looks yummy!

  14. Is that a strawberry milkshake...yum! How very exciting you are going to get away! I hear it is lovely in FL right now...in the Keys 78 and Sanibel/Captiva...if we werent going to NY I would be right behind you. Please take care of yourself...and have fun!

  15. Hello!!
    My name is Daniella and my friend Marit mentioned you in her post! I too am a lover of all things pink!!
    I think your blog is Fabulous!! I've been here for like an hour just looking around. Amazing!!
    I will see you again for sure! and, I too am in Karen's "love story linky party". So, I will see you there!!

  16. i could go for little pink drink right about now. hope you are enjoying your time in FL!

  17. We've had a run of the stomach flu, I have had enough grey skies, cold and snow...I NEED the sun I feel you sister!...have a wonderful getaway. XO


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