Finally!!! A trip to Shell Island!

I finally go my excursion in!
For any die hard addicted beach comber...
I must say... this post could be hazardous to your health!
I have had near perfect weather since my round of
job, house, etc...hunting here in the St. Pete Beach area of Florida...
And when the window of opportunity arrived when I could come up
for some fresh ocean air..
We loaded up!

So away we boarded the
and headed to Tierra Verde and dropped her in.
The paddle distance was about 10 minutes
with the view of Pass-a-Grille across the way.
Upon landing my bare feet on the sandy...

I wish I had taken my beta-blocker that morning because my heart was going a mile a minute!

As I looked down this is what greeted me.

I cannot even begin to explain the overwhelming hyper stimulation feeling...
I could never have had, enough buckets nor time in the day..
The water was warm...the sun hot...
and the shells...
Oh my...Oh my..!!!
We had some fun as we circled the bend of the island....
Each time you dipped into the sea...
Out you came with these..
And to boot..
We were the ONLY ones on the island that day!
Across you could see my favorite stomping ground for
shopping and shell picking....


And would you believe?
I actually saw a mermaid???
Yes.. it is true!
Somebody must have known I was coming that day, cause look what I
stumbled upon as we were scouring away...

Someone did a mermaid in the sand....
So.. I have been slaving over the cleaning and care
of all my precious treasures...
So once I have them together, I will be sure to share with you
my most fabulous day on
Now back to work I go..



  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOH How I wish I was there. I hope one day soon I can retire to there. I have never ever seen so many sand dollars in one place. In fact in all my life I have only found 1. Hope you are doing better and May God bless you all your days. With Love. Hugs and Kisses little girlfriend. Lynda

  2. Those sand dollars are so hard to find too. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

  3. spending a weekend beach combing with no worries and no cares is on my to do list

  4. I'm hyperventilating!! * Ok...deep breaths...*
    How beautiful! Someday....someday my mermaid adventures will take me there...

  5. Oh Cricket I am so happy for you and look at all those gorgeous shells!!! And a mermaid! Someone for sure knew you were coming! :) I think I would have had another heart attack on that little island with all that goodness all around!! Love all your pictures and can't wait to see more! :)

  6. You found some seriously great loot! I wish we had such wonderful shells near us. Hope you brought home bags full!

  7. Lucky Girl!!! Thanks for taking us along to Shell Island... I would be in 7th Heaven on a vacation there!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. oh, thank you soooo very much for taking me along with you...my heart nerely exploded when I saw all those shells and all those sand dollars in one place...stunning...I don't believe there was even a Christmas as a child that excited me as much as just arriving on shell island...but of course it took me awhile to work my butt free from that little boat seat...I can't even phathom your excitement...how many buckets did you take home....
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  9. What beautiful shells...wish i was there!

    Have fun! Jennifer

  10. i've never seen so many shells in one place...shell heaven!! what fun!!!!
    thanks for your great comment on my post, way back when OWOH was happening! finally trying to catch up! you said you have 1 girl to my 6....ANY are HARD...what an emotional roller coaster!
    you rock too mama!!
    hugs, abigail

  11. Beautiful shells! I want to go!


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