Paying it Forward...

As I had about 15 windows open on my IMac.... my eyes darted over to my dashboard for Blogger where I see this post "Pay it Forward."  Funny thing is.. I was just on another site for nurses, all about holistic healing, alternative meds, ancient wisdom...and of course...a little Karma thrown in there.....
So seeing this "Pay it Forward" instantly drew my attention.
I clicked on Judy's Blog  and viola!  Her message speaks for itself!

So I m 'stealing' this little excerpt from her blog....it's really quite simple.

'The first 5 people who comment on this post will receive a handmade gift by me (or the sea). In return you must write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011 and send your first 5 commenters a gift handmade by you.  It's a great way to make new friends and spread some handmade love around in Blogland! No rush to send them out today or tomorrow.. but do make sure you send them out...'

"It's not the size of the item that matters, but the spirit 
of paying it forward."

Now gather up mermaids, spread some good karma and Pay It Forward!


  1. Oh fantastic idea!!! I do love me some good Karma!

  2. I love it! I posted about it right away!

  3. This is wonderful! I am reapoting on my blog too!

  4. This will be a great post for tomorrow! Thanks for the idea. I like Pay It Forward!

  5. I tried this on Facebook and only got one 'bite' so I ended up sending her 5 gifts, lol! But I'm willing to try it again on my blog!

  6. Guess I am one too late, but I woulld like to do it anyway. Thanks for the idea.

  7. I too am late to post but I am gonna post on my blog about this and send out a gift too.
    The movie Pay it Forward moves me to tears and inspires me at the same time. Thanks for the reminder!


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