Sea Glass with Good Life Wednesday

Maybe I'm being a little selfish...
I mean, I have been back and forth to Florida..
Enjoying the sunshine..
Picking the most amazing shells...
But I miss my Sea Glass.
I think this mermaid is due for a trip
down to her cove...
Not only for some treasure hunting
But some breathing room and sea therapy...

one large of some pickings...
and another...

In the meantime I am linking up with Sara for her Good Life Wednesdays">/a>
Go ahead.. hop over there and get some therapy...



  1. I need to post a picture of a copper wire fish my friend made. She used sea glass for the scales and it is just gorgeous. She said it was terrible to make but it is striking. Maybe I can post it next week. I love sea glass too.

  2. I wish I could find some on our beaches. But I will buy it! It's so pretty.

  3. I found sea glass on the west coast, but I have yet to find any in Florida.

  4. Oohh...I would love to see the fish Donnie! I was able to pick up sea glass on a beach in southern Italy...it was beyond wonderful

  5. Love the sea glass and I wish I could find more along our shores. I think that you should go to your special cove, everyone needs a little sea therapy! :)

  6. It's one of the best therapies! I can spend hours walking and looking for it!
    Debbi @ the beach

  7. Sure wish we had some on our beach. Beautiful photos.


  8. I so miss Beachcombing, I could do it all day. Here in the Desert we have miles of Beach and no Ocean *winks* so when I'm out seeking Treasures in Arizona's Version of the Beach I like to imagine I'm Beachcoming in a different kind of way *LOL*... alas, all my Sea Glass must now come from the Craft Store Stashes. *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Hey Cat you just have to check out this Post from 3-1-11 of COUNTRY ROADS BLOG, it has the best Beach Treasures ever... including a Mermaid!


    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. I love looking for sea glass. I have found some wonderful pieces in Delaware and Hawaii. I even like to buy it on eBay. I have never found a nice piece in Florida...have you?


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