PB Help!!

I need some help here in mermaidia haven....
It has been decided that even after the months of torture for my daughter to change her totally pale pink,Oh so shabby bedroom into an infusion of purples and bedding from ROXY! We decided that all her stuff will stay here in NJ...and she will get an entire bedroom makeover for the place in Florida.  (so not fair... )
Being beachside and thankfully having water babies as children does make it easier for me though. How can
you go wrong with Coastal Decor?
So for her room, here are some of the choices?
Which one do YOU like the best?
Now when we get to the Queen mermaid herself (moi) that's when I will call in the big guns, like Michelle from Emerald Cove, Maya, Living Coastal, Carons, Seaside, Sally and all the rest of the H2O makeover gurus....
But for now..this is what we got to choose from, from PB Teen...

Bedding set No 1

Bedding set No 2

Bedding set No 3

Bedding set no 4

Now the REAL sad part about this is... 
I could actually LOVE one of these rooms for myself!!
Now, some accessories that are going to bought for me her,
sorry...was that a typo there????
I don't know if I would be able to part with this once it arrived!

Definitely getting a few of these!!
Plus some proceeds benefit the 
Surfrider Foundation.

And this is another I don't think will quite make it into her room!

Ok...so... you like???



  1. L*O*V*E #1!!! And me thinks it's in first place for a reason ;-)

  2. Hi Cricket, I think all of these look great. Which one does your daughter like best?
    Such a lucky girl. Have fun redecorating.
    ~ Julie

  3. I love room #4 but no fish and I see the same lamp we all want...lol....What fun to have a beautiful new room.

  4. Ok, I have to laugh because as I soon as I got the PB Teen catalog I was trying to find places in the house for some of these wonderful sea side things for me too!!! :) I love all those rooms but my favorite is #4. And aren't those driftwood pieces amazing!!! Love love love! Lucky girl and thank you so much for including me, love me some decorating down by the sea!!! :)

  5. You know, I love that love your ocean pillow!!! So I'd happily have the room #4!!

  6. Bedding set no. 4 is the coolest, especially with the signage headboard (the headboard poster is the coolest thing I've seen in ages).

  7. Oh Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I have to tell you. I adore the No. 3 for your sweet daughter, and of course with the accessories that you have chosen here, I believe the No. 4 is totally you. You have chosen beautifully sweet friend. I can't wait to see the new mermaid haven you have chosen to call home.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  8. What a great project, sooo pretty. Love those seaside colors. I have to agree on # 4 and the poster headboard is great.


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