Maybe I Would Become...

Maybe I would become a mermaid. I would live in the swirling blue-green currents, doing exotic underwater dances for the fish, kissed by sea anemones, caressed by seaweed shawls. I would have a dolphin friend. He would have merry eyes and thick flesh of a god. My fingernails would be tiny shells and my skin would be like jade with light shining through it. I would never have to come back up.

Happy BLUE MONDAY gypsea mermaids....
Still trying to get back into the swing of things....make sure you look at yesterday's post...and visit the rest of the blues...



  1. Beautiful, I feel like swimming :)

  2. Love your image and your description is beautiful!! Have a beautiful day and I hope that your dad is doing better.

  3. Reminds me of Weekie Watchie. The mermaids there were gorgeous too. Beautiful.

  4. Welcome, neighbor! I hope you love your Florida move as much as I do.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cricket!

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  5. When life is hectic and in flux, floating weightlessly under the sea sounds like heaven. Your photo is beautiful. And I hope your dad is doing better. I read about your ordeal. Life can be so hard and frustrating. What a blessing you are to him - your love is so evident and heartwarming. I'm your newest follower and I commend you on following your heart and making a fresh start in Florida. You go, girl!!

  6. I love your beautiful mermaid! Wouldn't it be fun to live under the sea?

  7. Beautiful picture!
    Hope your father is doing better.
    Enjoy your evening.

  8. What a beautiful mermaid post. The first shot is breathtaking. Perfect Blue Monday feature.

  9. What a beautiful image! Have a great week :)


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