Save the Date...Sand and Sea Sundays

Well as you all have gathered by now... especially if you have joined me on FB....
I am a beach lovin, shell picking, sun goddess, surfer chick with sand between her toes 
wanna be mermaid!
You have also come to see that I will be making a drastic change in my life
as I move from the Northeast down to beachside in Florida.
So many of you, Maya, Sally, Michelle, Sunshinebelle, Seaside, I love Shelling
have all inspired me week by week with your outstanding posts,
the decor you showcase...
(I will admit... my brain is going into the poor house as I salivate over
everything I want!)
So I figured...even though it is not 
here up north quite yet...
It is in Florida.
So starting the first week in May,
On Sundays...
I would love for you to join me on a
Sand and Sea...and anything Coastal under the Sun
Blog hop!
(that is if I can ever figure out how to use the Mclinky..)
So many of you have inspired me...
And what a better way to end the weekend 
with a little salt in your hair, sun in your
face, sand between your toes..
and perhaps a treasure or two...
Feel free to post anything
related to the 3 key words....
As they say..
Nothing heals better than the 
sea and the sun!
Hope to see you here
Starting the First Sunday in MAY!
(and grab the button!)


  1. Sounds awesome! I will definitely be joining in!!! :)

  2. That sounds wonderful!!! I will be there with sea shells bells on!!! :)
    I thought of you today as I was driving down by the beach, there was a big, beautiful aqua mermaid that a home owner placed right above their entry door!! :)

  3. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

  4. Oh you can count on this mermaid to join your Sunday blog hop. Love it!

  5. Living in New Mexico I am missing the sea, though we do have a lot of sun. I will be tuning in though as I miss the ocean so much! xoxo

  6. Hi Dear, thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my anniversary post. Your blog is looking gorgeous, I love the new changes. xxx tami

  7. Oh, how exciting! Salt air, sunshine, and the sea...it does a body good!

    Kat :)

  8. How wonderful - can't wait! Am keeping you in my thoughts that the move and everything works out well for you. *hugs*

  9. Cricket, this is the super rude person who waited all this time to say THANK YOU for the OWOH gifts! Being super rude doesn't come naturally for me, but being overwhelmed does:) Been busting my butt on my business, but if the sun would ever shine on this side of the coast, I could add to the sun and sea blogging:) Great idea!


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