A Blue Day

I am having a Blue Monday after all.
I am oh so blue thanks to the start of being back to work.
Working 14-16 hours back to back Friday, Saturday and Sunday...
My body doesn't know what happened..
I truly am black and blue.
It's rainy outside, which makes me even
And then I totally am so not good at blog hops..
Which I think made me Really Blue!
So... I am going to dive back under my 
sea blue blankets...and cry my blues away!..

No... only kidding..
But if you could give me pointers on how to get a blog hop rolling..
I would really appreciate it!



  1. Hey love. My weekend was swept away! I was contacted a few days ago with the opportunity to show my art work in a local cafe so I rallied to pull together enough pieces to hang. 14 new mini paintings + 12 photographic prints + framing and wiring for hanging + 3 hours installation! Yowza. Sorry I missed the blog hop, I came by late just now. Totally forgot! There I go showing up two weeks early and now I missed the debut. Sounds like the story of my life...my timing is off. I suggest promoting it to get more participation. It is a fantastic idea and I think others will jump on board. We are all so busy so reminders is a great idea. In your blog posts leading up to the day, include reminders with your banner, remind us on FB, send out invitations, target a handful of people you think would be interested and personally invite them to the party. Loved your photos and post! {soul hugs} Your landlocked mermaid pal, Ryn

  2. I so love your blog posts, and I'm so bummed I missed the blog hop. Your blog is one of my faves and I look forward to your posts!

  3. I think Tammy over at TypeA has some hints on starting a link party. That was a very cute post sweetie. Hope you're resting up after all that work.

  4. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cricket.

  5. Beautiful photos my dear and I am so sorry I missed the blog hop! My week has been all messed up and then with blogger being down, I didn't if I was coming or going. :)
    I hope you get some rest after working this weekend!
    Hugs to you!!

  6. Those shots are lovely! Hope you're not feeling blue anymore...

  7. Love the photos. It's always fun to visit YOU.


  8. Beautiful photos~~Happy Blue Monday!


  9. Sounds like you need to see baby blue skies, aqua blue water mixed with a little sand to get you rolling!

  10. Cool surf boards - I guess this means you're on the east coast of FL - if you find yourself in Naples, stop in - unfortunately surfing on the gulf is very rare - unless a storm is blowing in. Enjoy your holiday!


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