In Search of a PINK Board!

Well I am off to sunny
 Florida again this weekend.. for a short stint.
But if you recall after my surgery, no one was quite sure I could ever get back on a board again..
Think again!
I am dead and determined!
The only thing is I want something fun, uplitfting.. and reliable..
But also in PINK!
So I rumagged through some old photos from back in the day... Just random shops my brother or his friend worked at.. And I alway took a picture of someone with a cool board...
You tell me what you would wish for!

One of the ultimate Pink boards I found!
Some I found and played with color splash!
Funky ones
Some other ones I played with in an editing program..
But my true love lands here!
All that PINK..plus I do love Roxy!!
But no matter where you go... it's like trying on a wedding dress...
How do you ever pick! There are sooo many!
(all the more fun!)

But more than likely...
This will end up being me again..
lounging and catching the rays!
Well my mission is set for Sunday when I leave for Florida!!
Look for a board!!!
And don''t forget about Sand and Sea Sundays!~!!
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  1. Have a brilliant time. I am so envious...it is rainy and cold here in Brisbane, Australia at the moment!

    Take care and best wishes,

  2. I like surfing but the board did not like me hehehe... Happy PS!

  3. I hope you find the perfect board Cricket. And have a great time while you're in Florida! Happy Pink Saturday!

    PS. My granddaughter shoots a pink bow, and has a pink baseball bat, and a pink mitt! I think you would like her!

  4. Love that first board...so pretty - would make me want to take up surfing!!

  5. You are wild! Have fun and don't forget the sunscreen. {Pssst ~ LOVE that pink board too!}

    Thanks so much for your visit ~ I always enjoy hearing from you.

    Ciao bella,

  6. Have a great time down here, hope you find the board you're looking for....love all the pictures...enjoy!!!


  7. I would so bust my butt if I tried to surf. Have a great time. The humidity is here already!


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