Florida Blues

My favorite little spot in Florida!
It is actually Pass-a-Grille,  but when you get to the end where the good
shelling is..
This is the sign that greets you!
It has been hotter than ever for my few short days here.
And this weekend the town had a semi "beach faire"going on.
A few crafters... lots of beach goer's...
And a heck of a lot of sun!
These are just a few picks I saw along my walk
before I couldn't stand the heat anymore.
Loved this picnik table...
They had them everywhere.
Well you know I couldn't have made it through this post without
finding one of these!
So Gypsea girls..that's a little snap shot of my fav stomping ground!
Now I have to figure out whether to get on a plane tomorrow
or stay here....
Getting on the plane may lead me to a bad place...
So.. we'll see.
one more thing, besides the fact that I am linking up with
I couldn't leave you without showing you one of my finds!


  1. How fun, thank you for the stroll!

  2. love the surfboard shaped sign. that reminds me to go shelling at a beach not too far way from here. enjoy the sunshine!
    cheryl x

  3. Love all your blues they look so cool and summer feeling!! We had lots of white which was cool but not summer feeling- yup snow today in CO!

  4. Looks like you found a lot of treasures!

  5. Beautiful photos.

    My blue and yellow entry.

  6. Miss the beach... happy blue Monday.

  7. I love that scenery and all the beautiful blues. Stay safe sweetie.

  8. You're in my backyard now! Thanks for sharing your pretty blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cicket.

  9. What a great place to hang out and just be. I say stay if you can. :)

  10. STAY!!! What a lovely place - that surfboard sign is so charming and crystal blue seas....aaaaaah.

  11. Beautiful! Wishing I was there right now! ^-^

  12. Hi Cricket
    I have been following your blog and was really intriged by Pass A Grill Beach and all the shells. We usually go to Gulf Shores or Pensacola Beach...love the truly white sand and lovely blue and green Ocean water there! But anyway I wanted to see your area so, when we came down to Cocoa Beach to see the Endeavor Shuttle launch, my husband said he would drive us over to the St Pete area and Pass A Grill Beach. We arrived yesterday afternoon and we are staying in a little old fashioned motel right across the street from the beach. I have already found many good shells, the weather is perfect, and now I have to go find the Mermaid Store you wrote about. We are having a good time...thanks for chatting about this area in your blog. Check out my blog sometime.

  13. Help...I can't find your Mermaid store...what is it called and where is it? Hugs Carolyn Kight

  14. Lovely post! I love all the blues in your pictures, like the simply beautiful turquoise picnik table. I have never made it to Florida and can't imagine getting so lucky with the shelling! lucky you. :)

  15. Wonderful tour, thank you! You found some great shells!

  16. Awesome photos. Looks like a great day!!

  17. Just beautiful!

    Blue Hyacinth, hope you can come and see. Thanks!

  18. Fantastic pictures of this area. That is one of my favorite beaches and has been since I've been a child. The shelling is the best, the people are so sweet, and the peace and beauty of that area is second to none. My husband and I try to go there at least once or twice a month. Only 20 minute drive, depending on beach traffic!


  19. Thanks for taking me to the Beach... I sure do miss the Ocean... here in Sunny AZ we have plenty of Beach and no Ocean so its not quite the same. *winks* Though we can find shells way out in the middle of the Desert, go figure, this must have at one time, perhaps back in the Jurassic Period, been one big Pond that the fierce AZ Sun finally evaporated... leaving us with just the Sand and the remnants of what once lived in water... *winks*

    I Pray your decision on whether or not to take that trip leads you to a GOOD place regardless of which choice you decide upon...

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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