Beach House Living Giveaway!!!

 A giveaway from Beach House Living in honor
You know this mermaid is eating this up!
I just can't believe I found out so late...
And only because the lovely Maya @ Completely Coastal gave me some props..and I JUST found out!
So thank you Maya.. you know I think you are brilliant!
So one thing led to another and I saw the BHL was doing this Giveaway for such an amazing cause!
So I am taking from her Blog the rules etc...
But please!!!!... You know you are all creative..beach, ocean loving mermaids...
Join in and help support Mother Ocean!

As BHL quotes
"So much marine life is affected and suffers by the careless disposal of trash.  
Our oceans need your help to protect and conserve them. recycled, re-purposed, re-claimed, re-useable can help trash from reaching our waterways.  
It's not a requirement of entry to blog, mention it on Facebook or twitter about it but, I would truly love your help spreading the word. "
So the rules of Engagement per BHL:

Rules of Engagement ~ a little different this year.
 1) Open to residents of USA only this time 
(this is because last year's give back was a shipping nightmare)

Not a follower?
2) This year to enter please become a follower
 Still easy peasy because I know most of you do or have done this.


3) Leave a comment about an item you have
recycled or re-purposed into something new.


What environmentally friendly things do you do.
Environment friendly cleansers, low VOC paints, solar panels
coastal cleanups, ride a bike to work etc.

4) The Fine Print:  Understand and agree any taxes which may be due on prizes are the responsibility of the winner. Designs shown handmade or otherwise are or may be subject to U.S. Copyright and Trademarks.

Each of us is "response-able"
We can, together, make a difference.
Thank you everyone.

ENDS JUNE 8th, 2011
at 11:59 pm eastern time 

Here is something that Rita designed....
gorgeous if I say so myself!
you can find these 

Just some ideas...
Some I know I am late.. I am late...
But we can do this!
Thanks in bunches!


  1. I have in the past participated in an oily bird clean-up. It was sad but releasing clean, healthy birds was rewarding. Also, I never litter and I have been known to stop a litter bug in his tracks!

  2. Thanks for heads up! I am heading over right now. I got my post ready for tomorrow for World Oceans Day!

  3. I'm a new follower although I have loved your blog for a long time! We recycle like crazy and use and reuse everything! What we can't use, we donate! And since gas prices are up we combine trips and make them count! This morning I am making a market bag out of an old canvas laundry bag! I think it's going to be FAB! lol I have a post up for today! Hope you'll visit me, too! ♥

  4. Well because I enjoy crafting and searching for items to reuse at the local Salvation Army, I take old and broken jewelry and either incorporate them into my scrapbook pages or recreate new jewelry . I also buy train trunks and use them for storage. Its fun and they look unusual.


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