Impressions of Maui

 Imagine looking over this edge..

And to your wonderful surprise you see this!
Wouldn't that be soooo nice right about now??
I personally think this next one would be better...
Because then I could hop on that pink Catamaran
and go search for a pirate!
As some of you may know, 
My parents have a place on the "Big Island"
But that never stopped us from going to visit the other ones...
These are all from Maui
(yes a fav of mine!)
And of course my mother forever being the Grand Dame Gardener
We can't go ANYWHERE without snapping a million photographs
of flowers.
So here are a few we got....
I am only going to post a few, not her 10 million!
These are some Protea flowers and the spiky ones are Pincushions.
They are found in the upcountry of Maui in KULA on the slopes of Haleakalc.

A red Protea...
This is the Torch Ginger Flower...
These babies love plenty of water!
And Ti Leave you can find everywhere...
They are more abundant in especially wetter areas.
Just a random shot of some of the wild ones that you will find
in tons of different spots..
 I must say.... I love all of them..
and when displayed..they are simply to die for!
But the most fun is what I saw while passing by one day...
Now maybe If I can get on that Pink Catamaran and Find a Pirate..
I could do this type of wedding!
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  1. Hi Cricket, Amazing photo shots! And the wedding one is sweet. Maui is our fav too. We were just there in April, and I included some of our favs in a post. Have you been to the Ma La Tavern in Lahaina? It is the best restaurant, food, view, coffee in Maui (in our opinion :).
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  2. I want a pirate too. Let's go on a quest!

  3. Love that bright pink catamaran sail!

    Happy Thursday -

  4. Did you just get back from there? Just gorgeous. There's another paradise out there too!

  5. Gorgeous flowers! I bet the scent of flowers all over the island is intoxicating, aahhhh. I'd love to go there someday. I love the wedding flower ring! That is awesome! Seashells and starfish would be amazing, too...on the beach ;)

  6. Cat these photos have taken my breath away! How fortunate that you have Family living in one of our most beautiful States! The Man and I Honeymooned in Kauai and I have always wanted to go back some day... and take the opportunity to visit the other Islands... it was truly Magical and exceeded my expectations... a slice of Heaven on Earth! Your Dear Mom sounds like me, I think during our Honeymoon I took 11 rolls of photos in the 3 days we were there! *winks* But those photos hold so many precious memories and that is something you can never have too many of! Give your Pirate a hug from me...

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. You have a beautiful blog! I love the vibrant colors!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  8. The broad second view has to be my favorite!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. Those photos are so good, it almost feels like you could step right down to the beach!

  10. Love these pictures...oh to be in the tropics right now! BTW...still love your profile picture. :)


  11. How nice it would be to have family living here to visit. I was there once and dearly loved it.

  12. oh, yes! how incredibly awsome it would be to visit! thanks for sharing the eye candy at Cottage Flora Thursday's...sigh. xoox, tracie

  13. What gorgeous views and flowers!!! That second picture is just amazing, I don't think that I would ever leave.


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