Sand and Sea Sundays!

Ok.. I FINALLY have been able to log on and post!!
I don't know what is going on with Blogger...
But it was not liking me this weekend.
My apologies....

Hey there all my gypsea mermaids...
Another sunny weekend...
tons of fun to be had...
But I have been stuck at work!
So on some down time when I get home
I play around with some photos and text.
You see what I mean?
So I'll share what little I have been able to accomplish 
with the craziness of my workload!

It is actually quite fun!

Love it!
And now one of fav's....

Really quite easy and you could use almost any
editing program to do it!
Now.. that I FINALLY was able to log on...

Take a go Gypsea's...


  1. Beautiful pics, and sweet words! I hope you get a chance to rest and play for a couple of days!

  2. Beautiful photos and I love the quotes that you have as well. SO sorry work had been so busy and i hope you are able to find some time for you dear mermaid!!

  3. Aaaahhhh...the beauty of the ocean! I love each one and it would be fun to play with some of my photos and add text! I love the 'wandering free' photo! Enjoy your week, my mermaid friend! ♥

  4. Arriving today on your blog, my soul is rested, and free..Beautiful post and photos.

  5. Absolutely lovely, beautiful, blissful pictures. Thank you for posting....sigh.....

  6. Such beautiful photos and quotes! I especially loved the couple making a heart with their arms in front of the setting sun!


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