Ready Set and then what?

Ok gypsea's I won't frighten you too badly.
Although I have been going through a lot lately,
And you know my love of the sea,
I promise you...
I must say, I sorta did feel like it after my news today!
You see...remember when I had this done in January?
Well, thanks to a "little patient" of mine.
That lami,discectomy and accular repair
You got it!
And to think that a week ago I was saving this kids life 
in lockdown when he got ahold of a battery and swallowed it.
Then this past Sunday (As he was trying to choke himself)
And I am over him straddled literally screaming
"You M*!@XX!*
You are breaking my back!!!"
As I am trying to release his arms from the jumpsuit he
was trying to strangle himself with.
Not only am I supposed to be moving down south,
getting my kids in a new school...
I now found out after a MRI and seeing
my spinal surgeon that lucky me
gets to have an artificial disc replacement done!
Come on now... 
don't you think I've had about enough?
So... no more work for now...
Beach time till surgery, 
that is if my foot can handle it.
( Yes.. I started already to develop drop foot)
So we'll see how much I can handle.
Although we have a great Festival down here this weekend,
So maybe a start up of this

What do you say??
Maybe that will soothe this gypsea's soul!
till then pop on over to see Beverly's
to see some HAPPY PINKS!!


  1. my goodness you have so much going on right now. I hope that writing about it and hearing others can be some refuge to you. I wish you comfort, rest and peace.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. If it's not one thing, it's another, huh? I think that sometimes, when we really need to slow down, the universe has ways to make us. What can we do but sit back and enjoy our convalescence? Some down time is just what you need right now. I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope that everything will start falling into place for you after this. Hope to see you in Florida soon! Oh! And Yea! for Sand & Sea Sundays!
    Much love,

  3. It looks like life is crazy for you at the moment but hang in there, it will all be better soon!

    Take care of yourself and keep smiling.

    Sending you big virtual hugs from Oz!

    Best wishes,

  4. What's that old saying? When it rains-it pours? Well, I think in your case that should be changed to monsoons! AND your Dad's news on top of all that! Deep breath- you can do this!!!Hugs- Diana

  5. Oh Cricket Sweetie...
    I am SO sorry to hear about all of the misfortunes that have been coming your way. I will be adding you to my prayer list sweet one, and please keep me updated. (My DH has had 3 back surgeries, this last was the worst and yes, he had drop foot, was literally dragging his foot and leg, but let me tell you he got all of his usage back sweet one. Being one who has studied martial arts for over 35 years he was really panicking.)

    We will be thinking positive thoughts only on this. Let the ocean carry your mind away to a beautiful place and take that pain right on out to sea, and leave it there.

    Have a peaceful, restful and loving weekend sweet friend. I will be watching for updates along the way. Please know that you are SO loved. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  6. That's really a tale of woe. I hope all goes well with the surgery. Until then, relax and enjoy the beach!

  7. Oh no! You definitely need a relaxing day by the shore with the comforting sound of surf to ease your pain ... Hope you are well soon -

    Best Wishes,

    beachside cottage

  8. When it rains it pours girl!
    This time too shall pass.
    I'm saying a prayer for ya.

  9. Just know this girl.....I'm pulling for you and thinking about you. I wish you better days.


  10. What the heck? Okay, you seriously deserve a break today. I'm hoping that this will be the last of the rain that's been coming your way. Here's a big virtual HUG for ya (don't worry, a soft hug). Love ya, girlfriend!


  11. Oh my...Hang in there. Never thought about the fact that a nurse can be a dangerous job...but what happened to you certainly proves it can be. Hope your not in pain. Take care...

  12. Oh No! You poor thing! Too much.... but then you did save a life. Heroes have dangerous jobs. You take care of yourself and I'm sending you well wishes for now and for our surgery.
    PS- cute little dolphins!

  13. Hope things settle for you in a bit and better days lay ahead. Wishing you good luck, good people around you and lots of strength. xoxo!

  14. Oh you poor dear! Ouch!!
    You've been through alot yet you seem to have such a good outlook on it!
    Good for you!!!
    Thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer xo

    Deborah xo

  15. Oh hunny I am so sorry! On top of everything else. I am thinking about you and praying that things will get better for you. I hope that you are not in alot of pain and that the surgery will be quick and you can get back on your feet again. Sending you many hugs!!!


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