Mermaid Wishes

Birthday Wishes for the lone Mermaid.
Well let's see,
For starters I would need a fabulous bag to hold my treasures.
with the # "9" of course!
Found this here
Then I found this lovely clam shell, where perhaps my jewels of the sea can be placed!
feel free to purchase this here!
And I know the perfect place to stop to fill it!
Goodness, I have been dying for pieces from this amazing artists store forever now.
Ok, is this not me???

And the "Gypsy"part! AHHHH! I can't stand it!
Love love love it all!
See for yourself!
And I think that these are just the sweetest!
Just go here
And every surfer mermaid needs one of these!
Totally Rocks!
Then to keep me mermaid self clean as a whistle for some pirate...
I know, they all want to be ME!!!!
Fabulous products can be found here!
And to keep me in check while I swim the seas...
I found this designer off of Maya's blog,
And am in REAL BIG TROUBLE now!
And then amongst my coral day bed.....
And as I lay on my day bed and gaze out to sea, I am sure to get hungry, perhaps for some Birthday cake?
Ahh.. but what to eat off of?
Just love, but you would have to pop in over here to get a real feel for what I am talking about!
But before the cake.. we must eat "real"food right?
(although that is what Mama always said!)
So how bout you order me some fresh fish from

Now I will grab my bottle (filled with the Pirate's fav rum!)
And please don't take mine... you can get your own over here, and a lot more too!
Then I will lay my tail down to rest, and wait to see if any birthday wishes come true...
(here is what I wanted...but pic wouldn't upload! well, everything I wanted!

Hope you have sweet dreams too!
Thank you to all the lovely shops above..and the many more I wish this tired body could put in!
You all ROCK!
big hugs~


  1. may all your wishes come true! happy birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday my friend! I hope all of your wishes come true, too! I see some of the same things in my 'wish' list....on yours! I love that beautiful jewelry! Have a special day...take it easy and REST!!! ♥♥♥ Birthday hugs coming your way! ♥♥♥

  3. HaPPy BiRthDAy sweet mermaid!! I hope that all your wishes will come true plus more!

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the images that you shared on this bday post!


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