Happy Pink..It's been way too long!

Can you hear it?
Well..you know what?
This is what I need.
This is why I haven't been posting.
Too much on the plate.
Many decisions to be made.
Still healing and trying to make the best of it.
So in the meantime...
As I turn up my "MUSIC"
I think I need to do some of this and that...
You got it..
"Attempt" to Beachcomb...
( I am still sutured to death!)
Think I can still beach daze though...
And if I am lucky enough I may be able to find 
some treasures....
So I hope you all enjoy your weekend...
Stop in at Beverly's
I know I am dying to..it has been FOREVER!
In the meantime....
Those cute little magnet hanging signs...
check them out here
Enjoy your weekend Mermaids....
I have so missed you!


  1. Love your Pink Post and glad to see you back.
    Hope you are feeling better and healing fast.


  2. Gorgeous!

    Please come see my Pink, when you get a chance. Happy weekend!

  3. Hi Cricket,

    Thanks so much for visiting with me. I've been off of blogging more than I like. I miss what's happening with everyone. Sounds like you've had a lot of emotional stuff....and what about this "sutured to death"?? I've definitely missed something major.

    Pink Sparkles for your days,
    Stephanie ♥

  4. I hope you are able to get to the beach and find some peace there and maybe some treasures. :)
    Hugs to you!

  5. Sending Healing Energy & Vibes your way my Friend! Glad you're back!!!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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