Sand and Sea Sundays

Welcome Gypsea's ...
I am going to apologize in advance for a short 
post..but my hours this weekend ended up being 18 or 19 per
day.vs. 14-16 and they were hellish ones!
But... on the brighter side, 
I will share with you some awesome finds I found this past week...
All along the Jersey Shore, I found tons...
And in many different shapes and colors..
I thought this one was cool because of the embossing on it!
And this one simply for the color!
Some of my Master finds, I will post when I get home around 11:30 tonight.
A handful in an hours walk!
My mermaid with her find of the day!
Mama Mermaids find!
And just one of the many jars we toss them into until we have time to separate them!
So show me whatcha got.. what did you do?
Did you play in the sand...
Go fishing...
 I will be back to tonight to comment and add some treats!
Perhaps maybe throw in a Sea Glass giveaway?
Until then...
Happy S & S Sunday!!!


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