Going Back In Time Blues...

A you realized I have been out of blogging world due to many personal issues...
But I thought I would share "one" of my tree's with you...
The kids and I call it our "OCEAN" tree...
Now I need to come up with a mermaid tree.... hee hee.....

 The process of going through making some of the ornaments were fun at times...
If not to say EXTREMELY difficult to clean up...
I mean..

Oh...and did I mention, A Bernese Mountain dog..frolicking around, wondering what we are doing...and 4 cats, 1 Kitten... dying to get their little paws in the fun.
It's when the little monsters started swooshing my sea glass and little shells around
Mama Mermaid wanted to dive back into the ocean!
But I must say.. each year it gets better...
Finding something coastal from a new beach we encountered....
Or concocting one of our very own to add for that year!
So all that drilling and old silver glitter you saw at first...
Ended up becoming this.
And at the bottom just lay little gifts for a special mermaid and pirate!

I know this is post date Christmas, but I hope you understand why...
Until next year...I will be on time!
PINKY PROMISE...as Cat would say!
 That's just the mini mermaid
At "the other" tree!
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  1. I love the look of glitter, but hate the mess! Thanks for sharing your blues. Glad to "see" you again.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cricket.

  2. Hey Dear Friend,

    The tree is gorgeous just like it's creator and the smile on the mini mermaid's face says it all! We miss you and hope to see you in full force again real soon!

  3. It is perfectly beautiful! I love the star. :)

  4. I love the trees -- glitter is WONDERFUL, especially in other people's houses!

  5. I'm so happy to see you here, girlfriend! And I love seeing your beautiful tree! I hope everything is well with you! I've missed you! ♥

  6. So happy to see you on Blue Monday. All the things you created and shared are very pretty.

  7. Those are gorgeous! I am now your follower.

    Please come and see my Blue, have a great week!

  8. Pretty! I think the glitter looks lovely but I can imagine what a mess you had on your hands. Glad to see you back blogging. I hope things have settled down and that you're enjoying your new life in Florida.
    Best to you,

  9. beautiful, just beautiful. I've missed you.

  10. Beautiful! Glad to see you back!

  11. Those are absolutely beautiful treasures! I also enjoy beach glass and the ones in your banner/header are the colours I would choose as well...very lovely~


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