La Luna

The Letter "L" is our letter this week.
It has been a sad week for me...
and each night I look at the moon
"La Luna"
and wonder if my dad see's the same one.

 And if he does,
Does he realize how much I miss him.

By her light, I shine and shimmer.
Her soft fingers, sift through the dark.
A golden halo envelops her.
I marvel at how many of us have passed in her life.

Tender love made in her presence,
As she hovers close, without watching.
Her presence is the inspiration for starry whisperings.
She is always there, even if shrouded by mist.

Centuries have given us song and word of her,
For she has always taken the wise to their knees.
Within her, a tranquil sea.
And though some steps have been taken to know her, she remains a mystery.

She changes in shape, every day.
Her luminous face, full of brilliance, sometimes hidden.
Creating chaos in those most in tune with her.
All without movement, and all without a voice.

Shine on does she, and we watch in wonder.
Wonder if life with her is more peaceful than the one I know.
I study her, silent, knowing that all of us have loved her.
In every frame of time, the focus of adoration.

Her tender caress does not burn me.
Her life gives us all a sense of calm and quiet.
She arrives, and all stops to allow us to absorb her.
Sudden quiet, gentle love, constant life.

Almost wish that we did not try to reach her,
For her mystery is one I love and cherish.
No need to unravel the ball of wonder created by idle minds.
Leave her be, and let her shine,
For that is her reason, and ours to behold.

La luna.
La Luna knows that the little Cat wants her Daddy back.

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  1. beautiful. we had the most amazing moon last night...

  2. Cat, still thinking about you. I'm sorry. ♥

  3. Real sadness comes through in this stunning piece. Thinking of you!

  4. Great *L* post – stunning words & imagery.

    Have a good Alphabe-Thursday,


  5. So beautiful Cat. I hope you can feel comforted knowing that he is looking at the same moon, missing you very much too.

  6. I'll bet he can see the moon and is thinking of you too....

    hugs coming your way...



  7. These are beautiful images, and your poem is such a fantastic one to read.

    Your dad is watching the moon with you, as he lives inside of you..Take good care of yourself!

  8. I don't think my "Like" on your facebook went through! I click on it, but I just got lost over there. Will try again soon.

  9. Wow, this poem is amazing. You are the author of it, it needs to be published. Today would have been my mom's 89th birthday, she passed ten years ago. My dad has been gone for almost 34 years. I feel your pain, believe, even after all this time. Thanks for stopping by, and for the follow. I am following you back. xo

  10. very sweet, and sad... Sorry for your loss. {:-Deb

  11. Bittersweet - the sweet side is that when you miss someone you are a lucky person! The first pic is so cute!

  12. My deepest sympathies on the loss of your Father! I lost my Mom on January 6th so I share in your mourning. I pray they are at peace. {{{Hugs}}

  13. My Dad is having health issues right now - he's 89 and has never had a health problem in his life..we've always taken it for granted. I'm a school nurse and I'm losing one of my students to Muscular Dystrophy also. So life is oh so fragile and precious with the ones we cherish...sending you kind thoughts and warm wishes for peaceful dreams of happy memories. Jenn jensthreegraces

  14. This is a simply beautiful post--both the words, photos, and the music! Brava!!

  15. OMG...this post is so special to me...i love the moon and look for her almost every night.
    And the music is so appropriate! Thank you for the memories! dix---

  16. I must post once more to tell you my thoughts and prayers are with you as you mourn the loss of your dad. mine has been gone over 10 years...and I still miss him sooo very much. Peace be with you dear friend. dix---

  17. These are amazing images of La Luna... I Love the one with the swing underneath...

    Absolutely breath-taking but I must admit your words are even more incredible than the images...

    I believe that your Dad knows just how much you miss him and is always Looking up at the stars with you...

    Great post for the Letter "L"!

    Thanks for Linking.



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