And There Were Conchs Everywhere!!

You know when I feel a little down and out.. I hit the shorelines...
No matter what the temp.. and I think it was a whopping 30 something degrees!
But my oh my! Back out and all..
I grabbed my buckets...
Said a quick prayer upstairs that I could do this
And not inflict anymore pain to my healing spine...
And away I went!

and of course...had to throw in a bucket of..

Now... I gotta get some sleep.. because there is a lot
more this gypsea wants to get...
But my poor back is really not liking this game of mine!

Stay tuned!!



  1. Oh you lucky lucky girl you!!! I can't believe how many there are!!! And of course you need a bucket of driftwood!!! I hope that you are not too sore and get to out again! What a fun way to spend the day!!!

  2. Oh lucky you! I never see shells like that around here. I would have grabbed the drift wood too!

  3. A beautiful sight huh? I live for these days!!! See ya on the beach, yes, we do Avalon and Stone Harbor :)


  4. You need one of those "Grabbers" like us old folks have so you won't need to keep bending over. It's made for getting jars off high shelves and picking up stuff you drop. Seriously, it would be great for picking up shells. Great haul.

  5. Wow - you scored some great stuff. I love the shells you collected. Is this near where you live? The beach looks awesome for beachcombing.

  6. What wonderful finds! Man was it cold!let me know when you come again!

  7. Such cool photographs!!! And you certainly scored! Gosh, was it that cold!!

  8. Wow, I have never seen a beach so covered! That's probably cause I always go when it's warm. But, someday soon I plan on living close to the beach.


  9. Oh my goodness!! I have never seen anything like that! I wish I could grab my bucket and join you! Great Pictures! :)

  10. I came to visit via OWOH and decided to look around a bit more. Looks like a wonderful day on the beach!

  11. Wow!!! that would have been so amazing to see in person! Thanks for sharing your day with the rest of us!

  12. What a feast! Our best shelling time is coming up & my buckets are ready. Now if I can just get rid of this cough...

  13. My Hermit Crabs would love those conch shells! My largest lives in one. I thought it would be too hard for him to get around but he has not had any problem at all!


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