Beachcombing with Rose Colored Glasses

All of us at one point in our lives have walked around viewing the world
through rose colored glasses.
And as all us beach combers know.. you find many a strange things
washed ashore.
But when you sit back and look...
does it ever make you wonder about the mystery that lies beneath..
Who were you? Where are you from? What is this from?
I wonder if the person who owned these looked at the
world in a "rose colored" way?

I think we my have had a little tot here to the left..
then perhaps... i don't know....any ideas on the one to the right?
ummm. I am undecided!

Now these....
I think I would have liked the chick they belonged to..
It kinda reminds me of someone with big hair..
fun lipstick... (not a complete "cougar" ) yet...
Laughing loud...and tons of smiles..
Yeh.. I think I would have dug her!
What kind of odd or fun beach finds have you collected?
Believe it or not..these were all found in one outing!



  1. You could go into the sunglass business with all your beach finds. Cute post. I've never found anything walking on the beach.

  2. Those are great! How fun to find different things like that that have washed ashore and wonder what history they have and who owned them. Other than popped balloons and balloon string, I have not found anything too interesting. Not really sure why balloons would be in the lake??

  3. This post (and your music) made me smile. We are so lucky to live at the beach! Like you, I have found lots of sunglasses, toys, shoes, towels, etc. I've found that a lot of "guests" that come to our beach buy things and think of them as throwaways on their last day. Sad. Just wish they would discard them in the trash instead of leaving them on the beach.


  4. LOL Love this post! I find crazy things on the beach too and have seen beautiful art made with beach trash. You turned that litter into beautiful art by your photographs... or maybe I have rose colored glasses on with you. ;)

  5. Amazing to find these all on beach walk! *sigh* I am missing the beach, suddenly.
    : ) lulu


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