Just Waiting.

Good Heavens Gypsea's,
This is one tired Mermaid here.
It seems everyday that goes by,
I am waiting 
to get slammed with something else.
Wherever do I begin?
First we were hit with 
Hurricane Irene.
Luckily she did little damage in my neck of the woods.
Then I received my scheduled surgery date.
 September 20th.
So I had a HUGE delay in my move to my slice of heaven
in Florida.

My dad is still hanging in there...
Each day it's meeting with a different Dr.
Whether it be Vascular, Spinal, Cardiology,
to donating blood for the big day, (yes, I am scared out of my mind!)
Now I have lost the sensation on the right side of my foot
and the last 3 toes.
The shooting pain from my lower back on down
is enough to drive one mad at times.
So I have spent a lot of time
trying to stay 
I have been spending my time
pretty much alone

or with
my mini pirate.
Either fishing...
or collecting some new types of shells...
or fishing...
do you see a trend here yet?
hee hee hee...
Or still collecting my heart stones
or the sea glass that has been rare this season.
I have just spent the time
trying to keep it together.
So the mini pirate and I have stuck together
hunting for treasures
boating away...
Or ya know...
Fishing OR crabbing.
And him catching me spider crabs, 
telling me that was my dinner!
And as the day winds down...
I stare out to sea
Say a prayer up above,
then settle in and dream of my ship coming
and perhaps a Pirate.


  1. Hello sweet mermaid! I am so sorry for all that has been going on and I am so glad that Irene did minimal damage. I am also glad that your mini pirate has been staying by your side and I pray that all goes well with your surgery and that your recovery is speedy so you can get your tail down to Florida. Your dad and family are in my thoughts as well.
    sending you love and hugs!!

  2. The thought of surgery is always scary. The doctors scare you more by telling you what the worst outcome could be. More ofter than not NONE of those bad things happen. Just try to focus on the good in life and enjoy each and every day. Soon your Florida dream will come true! Time passes slowly when we want something but fast when we don't care. Just think...it only seems like yesterday that your son was born. I am right aren't I!?! Take care my Gypsea friend and be well.

  3. You are having a rough go right now; I do hope it turns around for you. That cute mini private must provide a bit of joy, I imagine.

  4. Thinking of you . . . and saying a prayer for your upcoming surgery!! I can't even imagine what you are going through! I also go to the beach when I need to find peace in my life . . . the shells, the seaglass, the rocks, and the water are so peaceful - I could truly spend hours there - head down and looking for the next little treasure. Sending many blessings your way - xoxo liz

  5. At difficult times I always remember a saying someone gave me..."If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it"......You know you will be in my prayers. {{{Hugs}}}

  6. ...hello dear Cricket!
    sometimes life crashes into us, thrusting upon us, things we didn't ask for ~ and most definately ~ we don't want!
    i send mermaid healing, and well wishes to you and perhaps a moment to dream ---> here:
    swim away in your gossamer tail and sun bath on a shimmering rock, far, far away from earthly cares, and maybe then, you will gaze upon those gorgeous pirate eyes you yearn for...someone to see the real you ~ beautiful and ready to finally enjoy this adventure we call life!
    xo, Rosemary

  7. Glad to hear you didn't get much from Irene. There seems to be more storms brewing out there now.
    Your mini pirate is adorable and I'm sure he helps you get through the stress. Hope all goes well with your surgery and your dad.

  8. Sorry you are going through so much, praying for you! Your pictures are beautiful and I must say...What a cutie pie you have there!


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